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Friday Finds

I feel like I should say, “This week’s Friday Finds is brought to you by Trader Joe’s!” It’s not, but all three finds from today were found at good ol’ TJ’s. So that counts, right?


Since it’s Friday I’ll start out with my new (somewhat) guilty pleasure, Trader Joe’s Secco Grapefruit Pompelini. I know summer seems to be coming to a close as the kids are now back at school but the weather is still gorgeous! And this is perfect little wine spritzer to compliment a summer meal. It is refreshing, light, crisp and absolutely delicious. I may have gotten slightly tipsy from the large glass that I poured myself. And the price is just right at $4.99. I mean, how can you beat it?

I have been trying to give up diet soda for years and since falling in love with flavored seltzer waters, I seem to have kicked the habit. TJ’s jumping on the seltzer bandwagon ups the ante. So far I have only tried the pineapple and it is incredible. I can’t wait to try the Cranberry Clementine, Island Colada and the Grapefruit (not pictured). And they rival Polar’s prices at $.79 a bottle. Now if they’d only release these babies in cans …

Finally, I give you a virgin low calorie piña colada in a can. This may just have 80 calories but Trader Joe’s Coconut Water with Pineapple Juice tastes like a light cocktail sans spirits. This weekend I’m going to have to mix this with some Malibu rum. It’ll be a sweet treat without going too far off the healthy eating plan I’ve recently adopted!

All of these finds you can pick up at your local Trader Joe’s. So go shopping!


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