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My favorite holiday of Halloween has come and gone and now it’s time to move on to November. Here are five things that I am looking forward to this month …

New York City Rainbow

Birthday Trip to NYC

Once upon a time I was a poor acting student living  in New York City, living on ramen noodles and cheap sushi. When I discovered the theater life was no longer for me, I moved back to Boston. But I left a piece of my heart in the Big Apple. And I try to get back there for a visit at least once a year.

Life has been a little crazy so I haven’t been back since January 2016. But my husband decided to remedy that by giving me a trip to NYC for my birthday. And though my birthday was actually in August, he promised we would continue the celebration in one of my favorite cities. We’re talking Broadway show, shopping at Saks,  cheesecake and egg creams, a visit to Rockefeller Center (where we got engaged in 2014!) and maybe a new piercing care of my go-to-guy, J. Colby Smith.


I actually once had someone ask me that since I was a pescatarian did I still enjoy Thanksgiving. Let me be perfectly clear: there is more to this holiday then turkey. While I’ve grappled with the origins of this holiday, I am part Native American but my family also had a relative on the Mayflower, what I really focus on is the chance to get together with my loved ones, some of whom I haven’t seen since Easter or even last Christmas. Plus, it’s a family tradition to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while having breakfast and baking bread for Thanksgiving dinner.

Party Mix Day

In my family Party Mix Day is always the day after Thanksgiving. It’s such a production that it has sort of become a holiday of its own. It’s the day that my mama, sister and I make party mix that we give to about 100 of our nearest and dearest over the holiday season. My husband and my sister’s fiancé also get involved with the festivities but they end up eating more of the mix than actually helping out.



Christmas Shopping and Decorating

I love shopping. I will jump at any excuse to go shopping. So you can imagine how much I love Christmas shopping. I like to get the bulk of my gifts set by the end of November and leave some of the smaller stocking stuffer items to be picked up in December. And of course when I go Christmas shopping I make sure to pick up something special for myself. What’s wrong with giving yourself a little Christmas cheer?



Murder on the Orient Express

Since the moment I heard the cast list for this remake, Dame Judi Dench, Willem Dafoe, Josh Gad, Johnny Depp, Leslie Odom, Jr., Penelope Cruz, Derek Jacobi and Michelle Pfieffer, I knew that this was a must see. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, who also stars as the famous Inspector Hercule Poirot, this film follows the 14 people on the Orient Express, one of whom has murdered a fellow passenger. I cannot wait for this suspense flick to hit theaters on November 9.

What are you looking forward to this November?


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