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The Gift Guide: For the 90s Chick

For today’s gift guide we’re throwing it back to the 1990s on this Throwback Thursday.

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with this era of boy bands and jelly shoes. It could be the Baywatch or Spice Girls poster fading on their wall, or the fact that they have yet to move on from their ancient Discman, but they seem to stand out in a crowd. As a 90s baby, I understand the allure of this special time of Girl Power, Furbies, Gameboys and Polly Pockets. I too had a Razor Scooter that I thought made me the baddest chick on the block, pig tails be damned. It was hard to let that nostalgia for all things grunge go which made it a lot of fun to revisit those plaid skirt, snap bracelet memories. So here are some gift ideas for your favorite 90s chick …

What are some of your favorite trends and toys from the 90s? Let’s get nostalgic!


*The products listed on this post are products that I have chosen because I love them. However, I do get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

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