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How to Find “Me Time” During the Holidays

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. I just love all the parties, the celebrations and the social events. But as someone who also likes her “me time,” it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Here are a few ways to get in a little private time to keep your seasonal sanity.

christmas carol

Read A Holiday Themed Book

May I suggest the classic tome by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Go Gift Shopping by Yourself

I always love a good solo shopping spree!

Wrap those Presents on Your Own

After all, you don’t want anyone seeing what is underneath all that wrapping!

Remember to Meditate

It’s important to prioritize relaxation and mental health during this busy time of the year.

Take A Walk or Go To Your Favorite Workout Class

It will take away the guilt from eating all of those extra Christmas cookie calories.

Take a Bath or a Long Shower

Practice a little self care this holiday season.


What are some ways that you find “me time” during the holidays?



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